Setting up your first resource

Now that you have seen the process of enabling an integration in Fylamynt, it's time to understand how resources are used in the product.

Resources in Fylamynt are either third-party or system plugins that help you with integration setup or provide the necessary elements needed in some of the integration actions.

For example,

  • API Keys are needed for PagerDuty or Datadog Webhooks.

  • Github Repos are needed for getting project files/templates used in Terraform or Pulumi actions.

  • S3 Buckets are needed for storing log files or getting code files.

Each resource has a different purpose to serve in Fylamynt. Resources are created to support the infra that in the end is required to create a workflow.

To configure a resource in Fylamynt:

  1. Click on "Settings" available in the left panel of the product.

  1. Click on the "Resources" tab or scroll down to see the list of available resources.

  1. Choose a resource that you would like to configure and fill out the parameters presented on the screen.