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Use the Teleport integration to securely authenticate and access your SSH servers for automation.


Teleport is a Certificate Authority and an Access Plane for your infrastructure. With Teleport you can:
  • Set up Single Sign-On and have one place to access your SSH servers, Kubernetes, Databases, and Web Apps.
With this integration you could access your SSH servers remotely by authenticating first into Teleport and then running SSH command with workflow automation.

Configure Teleport in Fylamynt

  • Navigate to Settings > Integrations > Teleport
  • Configure a new integration instance
Details needed to set up Teleport in Fylamynt:
Proxy Hostname
Hostname proxy to access the Teleport server from outside
User Certificate
User certificate to grant access to Teleport server with role-based access control
Follow the steps listed below in your Teleport Account to complete the configuration in Fylamynt:
  • As you can see in the Fylamynt configuration panel, you need to enter Proxy Hostname, User Certificate and Username for Teleport authentication.
  • Enter the 'Proxy Hostname' and 'Username' that was created while setting up the Teleport server.
To generate user certificate please look at the following details:
  1. 1.
    Create a file called 'fylamyntbot.yaml' on your local machine and copy & paste this into it:
    kind: role
    version: v3
    name: fylamyntbot
    # SSH options used for user sessions
    # max_session_ttl defines the TTL (time to live) of SSH certificates
    # issued to the users with this role.
    max_session_ttl: 1200h
    # allow section declares a list of resource/verb combinations that are
    # allowed for the users of this role. by default nothing is allowed.
    - root
    - ubuntu
    - ec2-user
    '*': '*'
    kind: user
    version: v2
    name: fylamyntbot
    roles: ['fylamyntbot']
    • Download and edit fylamyntbot.yaml to your local machine.
    • You likely want to change the 'login' and 'allow' sections of the role to match your environment.
    • You can also change the name to whatever you want.
    • If you want to use an existing Teleport user, skip to step 4.
    • See the Teleport Resources Reference for more detailed information.
  2. 2.
    Upload your fylamntbot.yaml to your Teleport proxy/auth server:
    $ tsh scp --login=root fylamyntbot.yaml [email protected]:/home/youruser/resources
    fylamyntbot.yaml (584)
  3. 3.
    Create a new role & user (on your Teleport auth host):
    $ tctl create -f fylamyntbot.yaml
    role 'fylamyntbot' has been created
    user "fylamyntbot" has been created
  4. 4.
    Generate a new .pem certificate file for the fylamyntbot user. (on your Teleport auth host):
    $ tctl auth sign --user=fylamyntbot --format=file --out=fylamyntbot.pem --overwrite --ttl=1000h
    The credentials have been written to fylamyntbot.pem
  5. 5.
    Download the pem file lo your local machine:
    $ tsh scp --login=youruser [email protected]:/home/youruser/resources/fylamyntbot.pem .
    fylamyntbot.pem (7142)
  6. 6.
    Open the pem file in an editor, select all, and copy the text.
  7. 7.
    Paste the text into the "User Certificate" field in the Fylamynt integration panel.
  8. 8.
    Click "Authorize" to complete the setup.