Onboarding Checklist

Use the provided onboarding checklist to bring yourself up to speed on how everything works and creating powerful workflows in no time at all.

Adding your AWS target accounts is required to execute AWS API calls as action nodes in a Fylamynt Workflow.

  • The AWS Execution Action allows you to call any AWS API endpoint supported by the boto3 library.

  • Fylamynt also provides AWS service-specific actions, which are listed here.

Fylamynt workflows and the Workflow Editor Canvas are where all the magic happens, providing drag and drop capabilities for all your workflow steps/actions as well as triggering workflows automatically.

AWS API calls are notoriously hard to read, understand and use. Fylamynt provides a step-by-step guide to simplify the process by using the AWS Execution action node to create a workflow.

Integrations are the building blocks of workflows created in Fylamynt. Each Fylamynt integration exposes a set of actions that can be used to create a workflow.

Resources in Fylamynt are either third-party or system plugins that help you with integration setup or provide the necessary elements needed in some of the integration actions.

Fylamynt provides a step-by-step guide to create a workflow that automates the remediation of an alert received from your performance monitoring tool.

Incident Management is the business layer on top of workflow executions and is used to automatically execute the workflow that is associated with a task type assignment.

Sample workflows in Fylamynt can be duplicated to provide users with a quick starting point for their ideal incident response use case.

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