8. Quickstart - Fylamynt sample workflows

The idea behind offering sample workflows in Fylamynt is to help our users navigate to their ideal workflow easily.

  • Each workflow represents a use case that could be your starting point.

  • Sample workflows can be used as templates. Duplicate them and enhance them to suit your needs.

  • Workflows include a combination of integration actions/helper functions/conditional nodes that could also be used for educational purposes.

Once logged into the Fylamynt console, you are presented with a comprehensive list of workflow samples that can be filtered based on the following use case categories:

  • Incident Response Automation

  • APM Optimization

  • Cost Savings

  • Steady State Management

  • Infrastructure Automation

  • Other

    • Cloud-Native Tasks

    • Helpers

    • DevOps

    • Security Management

You can also search for workflows using the workflow name or tags associated with each.

Fylamynt sample workflows:

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