Use the Jenkins integration to run Jenkins jobs as part of your automation workflows.


The primary use case of Jenkins is CI/CD, and with this integration we support users who are using Jenkins as the primary automation system. It could also be extended to Ops automation for already authored Jenkins jobs.

Use Cases

The integration between Fylamynt and Jenkins lets you:

  • See the list of available jobs and pick a specific job to run. (Schedule an existing Jenkins job)

  • Be able to specify any input parameters needed for the job to run.

Configure Jenkins in Fylamynt

  • Navigate to Settings > Integrations > Jenkins.

  • Configure a new integration instance.

Details needed to set up Jenkins instance in Fylamynt:



API Token

The API Token from authorized user

Jenkins Server URL

The Jenkins server (url:port)

Jenkins Username

Jenkins Username associated with the token

Follow the steps listed below in your Jenkins Account and get the desired parameters to enter in Fylamynt.

  • Find your Jenkins web url and port if needed, add it to the Server Url field of the 'Authorize Fylamynt' form.

  • Login to your Jenkins Server.

  • Go to People on the left menu.

  • Select the user you want to integrate with Fylamynt and copy Jenkins User ID to the Username field.

  • Select Configure from the left menu, navigate to API Token, generate a new token, and paste the value in the API Token field.

  • Click Authorize button

Note: Jenkins integration might not work when behind a proxy.

Integration Actions

You can add these actions in the Fylamynt workflow builder, as part of your workflow.

Jenkins Build

You can start a Jenkins job from the workflow builder like follows:

  1. Drop a Jenkins snippet.

  2. Select Jenkins job was previously created in your Jenkins server.

  3. Add the required parameters if any.

  4. Execute the workflow to start the selected job.

Action Example

  • Drag and drop the Jenkins Build Action node onto the canvas

  • Select the Jenkins Build Action node

  • Select the Jenkins Job name from the dropdown

  • Enter the JSON input parameter

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