4. Setting up your first Integration

Why do you need Integrations?

  • Integrations are the building blocks of workflows created in Fylamynt.

  • Each Fylamynt integration exposes a set of actions that can be used to create a workflow.

  • Only after configuring the API credentials and authorizing the integration are you able to leverage the specific integration actions.

To configure an Integration in Fylamynt:

  • Click on "Settings" available in the left panel of the product.

  • You should by default be in the Integration tab

  • Scroll down to see the list of available Integrations

  • Select an integration that you would like to configure

  • Fill out the parameters presented to you on the screen.

    • To get detailed instructions for each parameter, click on the Documentation link which will open a new tab to the integration's documentation page.

  • Once all the parameters have been filled out, click "Authorize" to enable the integration instance.

What happens when you configure an Integration?

If the integration is a compatible workflow trigger then it can be selected as a trigger type when a workflow is created.

Each Fylamynt integration also exposes a set of actions that can be used in a workflow. The actions available for each integration are listed on the configuration and documentation page.

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