CloudWatch Targets


The integration with CloudWatch is defined to retrieve alerts from your target account. (Instructions to create your target account -> AWS) and respond to them automatically by assigning Fylamynt workflows.

Please go through the following instructions to set up your CloudWatch resource in Fylamynt.

To Configure a CloudWatch Resource

  1. In Fylamynt Settings → Resources → CloudWatch Targets

  2. Click on Manage Targets

  3. Top right button (Add New +)

  4. From the right menu targets drop down: Select AWS target you want to configure (that should help with AWS account ID and other constants needed for the configuration)

  5. In another tab, Login to your AWS console (the account you are trying to configure) and navigate to CloudWatch

  6. In CloudWatch from the left menu, Events > Rules and click Create rule button.

  7. On Event Source select Event Pattern and then select Events by Service.

  8. In service name field select CloudWatch and for Event Type select CloudWatch Alarm State Change

  9. On Targets Select Event bus in another AWS account.

  10. For Account ID* set [YOUR AWS ACCOUNT ID]

  11. For "CloudWatch Events needs permission to send events .." select Create a new role for this specific resource.

12. Click Configure details button

13. Navigate to Step 2: Configure rule details and add name/description and make sure state is enabled or checked.

14. Click Create rule and follow AWS instructions.

15. Navigate to AWS IAM

16. Find your account alias added in fylamynt AWS Cloud Services

17. If cloudwatch:DescribeAlarms permission does not exists, click Attach policies > Create policy and in the JSON editor paste the following after updating with your AWS account ID:1{ 2 "Action": [ 3 "cloudwatch:DescribeAlarms" 4 ], 5 "Resource": "arn:aws:cloudwatch:*:[ACCOUNT_ID]:alarm:*", 6 "Effect": "Allow" 7}

18. Next Tags > Next Review: name your new policy and select Create policy

19. Finally, go back to fylamynt and Click Authorize button to test and configure the integration.

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