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Welcome to Fylamynt Documentation! You'll be able to leverage this portal to find product guides, best practices and reference documentation for Integrations, Automations, Workflows and more.

About Fylamynt

Fylamynt is a comprehensive Cloud orchestration, automation and response platform that unifies case management, automation, real-time collaboration and incident remediation to serve cloud engineering teams across the incident lifecycle.

It is the most comprehensive incident response platform in the market today, orchestrating across hundreds of cloud products to help your cloud engineering and on-call teams standardize and automate their processes for faster response times and increased team productivity.

Fylamynt's unique incident response approach combines the power of integrations across the cloud product stack. It is a single platform for end-to-end incident lifecycle management.

  • Orchestrate: Integrations come from a wide range of tools like metrics, monitoring, logging, CI/CD, communication, cloud remediation services and bring all critical incident data into one platform.

  • Automate: Fylamynt can help you tap into that right brain creativity, with a visual and intuitive interface that makes automated workflow creation as easy as, well, drag and drop.

  • Collaborate: Managing incidents in Fylamynt is more hands-off as you could also automate the collaboration piece by creating the communication channels like Slack, Zoom and Jira automatically.

  • Remediate: Ensure consistent remediation with Fylamynt by leveraging the right set of actions in your workflows. Reduced your MTTR by shifting to an automated enrichment and remediation mechanism.

  • Schedule: Periodically schedule any of your workflows and also add human-in-the-loop with Slack approvals for maintaining the state of your application.

  • Analyze: Track critical incident SLAs, environment health, application metrics with ready to use widgets on Fylamynt dashboard. Review workflow execution details to improve your ongoing metrics.

How to use this portal?

On this portal you will learn all about Fylamynt product capabilities so that it's easier for you to perform the same set of actions in the product.

From the left panel, you can navigate to any of the reference documentation that covers Fylamynt's components : integrations and workflows.

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