Welcome to Fylamynt
Welcome to Fylamynt Documentation! You'll be able to leverage this portal to find product guides, best practices and reference documentation for Integrations, Automations, Workflows and more.

About Fylamynt

A cloud workflow automation platform that enables teams to standardize, automate and coordinate response across your current cloud product stack. With its orchestration and automation capabilities DevOps and SREs can realize the power of building ready to use workflows that is powered by thousands of cloud product actions to accelerate deployment, incident response and steady state management.

How to use this portal?

On this portal you will learn all about Fylamynt product capabilities so that it's easier for you to perform the same set of actions in the product.
From the left panel, you can navigate to any of the reference documentation that covers Fylamynt's components : integrations and workflows.

Partner with Fylamynt

If you wish to become a Partner, please check out our Partners section of the site.
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