Use the integration to automatically send SMS to any phone number/address based on a workflow output or workflow step output.


SMS communication is a fundamental form of mobile communication used by people globally. This is useful for things such as internal alert messages (confirmations, issues, etc.).

With Fylamynt's automation engine you can control the internal messaging by adding checks and confirmations in your workflows directly.

Use Cases

The integration between Fylamynt and Twilio lets you:

  • Connect your Twilio account to Fylamynt.

  • Configure SMS content from Workflow Editor where you create your workflow

    • Select ‘From’ Number from dropdown - Retrieved from users Twilio account

    • Recipient or Recipients (multiple)

    • Content (SMS Message - Text Only)

      • Plain Text

      • Injection of Variables (previous step outputs)

Configure Twilio in Fylamynt

  • Navigate to Settings > Integrations > Twilio

  • Configure a new integration instance

Details needed to set up Twilio instance in Fylamynt:

Follow the steps listed below in your Twilio Account and get the desired parameters to enter in Fylamynt

  • Login to your Twilio Account. And you should land on the Dashboard if not, navigate to dashboard

  • Go to Settings --> General

  • From the Live Credentials section copy the Account SID and Auth Token and paste it into the respective input fields.

Integration Actions

You can add these actions in the Fylamynt workflow builder, as part of your workflow.

Twilio Send SMS

Integration node to run and send SMS


Parameter Name



Recipients Number

List of numbers to receive SMS



Message body


Select 'Send From' Phone Number

Number which should be used to send message



Parameter Name





Status of run (ie: S_OK / E_FAIL)

Action Example

  • Drag and drop the Twilio Send SMS Action node onto the Workflow Editor Canvas

  • Select the Action node

  • Select the Sender Number from the dropdown

  • Set the Recipients numbers

  • Enter the message to send

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