S3 Buckets
Use the resource to capture, re-use, or persist output data from a given step in a workflow. Or to read pre-existing data stored in an S3 bucket for a given step in a workflow.

Use Cases

    Store the response body of an API call to an S3 bucket without writing a custom snippet.
    Send output of a given action to an S3 bucket for logging purposes.
    Store file-like data to an S3 bucket for downstream steps to access or manipulate.

To Configure an S3 bucket in Fylamynt

    Navigate to Settings > Resource > S3 Buckets.
    Click on Manage Buckets.
    Click on Add New.
    Select Target Account from the drop-down list.
    Select S3 Bucket from the new drop-down list.

Where would you use the S3 resource?

The list of configured S3 buckets will be made available for various action node e.g. Pick_S3_Bucket:
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